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Assisting You With Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Needs



Personal Tax Preparation

Basic Tax Returns – starting at:$55 per return
Basic returns include, but not limited to, employees with less than 10 tax preparation slips. (these are T4’s, T5’s, T3’s etc.)
Basic Tax Return Adjustements$55 per adjust.
Needing past years tax returns adjusted.
Seniors Tax Returns$45 per return
For anyone over the age of 60, Brochu & Associates will provide you with our tax service with a small discount. some restrictions do apply. This price only applies to tax returns under 15 slips.
Student Tax Returns$45per Return
For people between the ages of 15 and 24 that are still in high school or Post secondary schooling
ODSP Tax Retrurns$17.7 per Return
On disability, getting ODSP. We understand moneys tight, we can help file your taxes quickly and accurately.
CRA Resolution
Letters from the government asking for proof of receipts. If your taxes were completed at Brochu & Associates, this service is free of charge.
CRA Audit Support$95 per hr
The next step from a desk audit forms from the government
Instant Cash Back
As long as you qualify for cash back, Brochu & Associates is offering you, INSTANT CASH BACK for Tax returns of $1000 or Less!To qualify you have had to use our services Last tax season. the cost will be – 15% of the first $300 and 5% for any monies over the $300 amount.
Mobile Services$0.75 per km
Brochu & Associates will pick up your receipts from your home or place of work for your convenience. Prices vary after a 20 km radius from Brochu & Associates.

Small Business & Self-Employment Tax Preparation

Business Tax Return$150 per return
Self-employed, farmers,‏ truck drivers, or if you have a more advanced tax return.
Bookkeeping$45 per hr
any sorting or bookkeeping after allotted 2 hour time frame for business taxes

Corporate Tax Preparation

Corporate Tax Prep$1750 per return
Corporate T2 tax return
Financial Statements$300 per statement
Financial Year End Statements


Bookkeeping$45 per hr
Billed in 15 minute increments. We will travel outside of London Ontario, for both on & off site bookkeeping services.
Bookkeeping Plus+$100 per hr
Do your records need to be done in a hurry? Ask for the Bookkeeping plus service and we will do your records next. This doesn’t me we do them fast or slupy, it just mean we bump you up in the que. And we have all hands on deck working on your bookkeeping to get it done.
Sorting of Receipts & Forms:$45 per hr
Daily Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banking, & Payroll maintained
Data Entry: Accounts Payable & Receivables$45 per hr
Build accounting records and keep them up-to-date
Payroll Preparation
Ensure employees are paid on time and year end T4 service $25 per run
CRA remittances$50 per month
Monthly forms due to the government
Mobile Services$0.55 per km
Brochu &‏ Associates will pick up your receipts from your home or place of work for your convenience. Prices vary after a 20 km radius from Brochu & Associates.
Bookkeeping Contracts
Looking for‏ a bookkeeping contract? if you need more than 1 day a week we have bookkeeping packages that will fit both our needs for quality service and a great price. Call us or email us to find out more.

Income taxes & Bookkeeping  in London, Ontario